Photo by Sean Serino

I’m an engineer, and I love it. I am proficient with technical writing and god-like with Microsoft Word. Still, I prefer to do all of my work in notepad, nano, or sometimes on special occasions, gedit.
   I studied at Rutgers University School of Engineering, and graduated with a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I find most people either know exactly what ISE is, or know nothing about my major/degree at all. If you are in the former group, then skip the rest of this paragraph, if you are a member of the latter, then I’ll give you a brief description and debunk some common misconceptions for you. I engineer efficiency, in all forms possible. From ergonomic chair design to maximize potential and minimize discomfort so one sitting in the chair would require the least amount of downtime possible to maximizing process utilization for a factory assembly line. Quality assurance and reliability is one of my strongest suits, and is a big part of industrial engineering in general. I favor QA over all the industrial engineering concepts because it usually involves a number of disciplines. I have personally sampled aerospace, electrical, civil, computer, mechanical, and industrial engineering studies and work opportunities and I have found that industrial engineering is both the most rewarding and most exciting. Fiscal compensation while important is not nearly as significant to me as being challenged constantly to think and resolve rather than copy and paste. If I picked a second most interesting field, I would have chosen aerospace, however the only think-and-resolve jobs for that field are generally with places that are VERY difficult to get into (read: NASA, JPL). Engineers make things, industrial engineers make things better.
   I am a member of Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Rutgers Formula Racing team. If you are not aware of any of those organizations, don’t worry about it. If you insist on worrying, then go ahead and Google them but you might get bored unless you, like me, are an industrial engineer.
   Anywho, I love motorcycles. I love television. My bike is named after a reference in my favorite TV show; I call her Vera, and if you understand that reference then I love you. I founded the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Rutgers University as the President. If I could describe its difficulty to you, I would use a metaphor: try planting an acorn in a field 2 miles from your house, you are allowed to care for it for 3 years but then you must leave and watch it from a distance and hope that you have inspired enough people with your story to continue watering that plant so it may grow into a lush oak tree that can avail itself to those brothers in need with shelter. Needless to say, that was hard. I will write anything I can with a fountain pen if given the choice. I can ride my bike with no handlebars. I think that covers me in a nutshell. If you have any questions or comments, hit me up! Avi[at]