Thank you for celebrating with us!!!

First things first, we have TWO main events! If you can only make one event, we totally understand. Our two main events will take place on Friday 7-11PM and Saturday 3-10PM. There will also be brunch on Sunday at The Heldrich (where we have reserved a hotel wedding block).

The Sangeet!

The Sangeet will take place at 7PM in the Mirage Banquet Hall

Mirage Banquet Hall
1655 Oak Tree Rd # 150,
Edison, NJ 08820

Mirage Banquet Hall

The Wedding!

Wedding ceremony and reception location is Rutgers Gardens.
The address is:

Rutgers Gardens
112 Ryders Ln,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

We hope everyone can arrive by 3:30PM on September the 17th! See you all there!!

The red marker on the map shows where you can park.

Just a quick note, this is a public garden and there might be some random folks. If they look like fun, then let them know that the party is at the Pavilion!

Parking lot for Wedding ceremony/reception

The Hotel!

For those out of towners visiting for this special event, we have a special block reserved at The Heldrich. You can book your hotel room there through this link, or by using group code 327651. Please book your hotels by August 17th, 2016. After August 17th, the hotel block rate will not be available.
The hotel’s address is:

The Heldrich
10 Livingston Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The Heldrich (Hotel)