Thanks for the gifts!!!!

Gifts are not a requirement for attendance of our wedding! But we know that so many of you are so generous and insist on giving us something, we would prefer contributions to our honeymoon fund (cash or checks at the wedding), and we’ve also put together a registry with Amazon.

If you would like to give money (You would be contributing to our honeymoon, and any extra will go towards hardwood floors!), we would graciously accept cash or check either in the mail (to the address below) or at the wedding itself. Special Note: If you do buy something off of our registry, please double check and make sure it’s removed from the registry afterwards, thank you!


Click the button below for our Amazon Registry, or search for us using “Avinash Arora” and/or “Robin Kurachik,” please make sure any purchases are removed from the registry if you buy anything for us.