Wish List

This is mostly just for me to keep track of my “wants,” and for my friends, but this is my wish list! (in order of ascending price)

Here’s a link to my Amazon Wish List

Since I don’t really update this list, except for especially unique items.

Klein BottleBig Klein Bottle ($57)

weathertech WeatherTech Floor Liner because MAN is it nice to have a perfect fit floor mat that’s weather proof. One day. ($169)

3.5 Watt Arctic Laser The question to ask yourself is why NOT? ($299)

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Okay, I know I’m getting really pricey with my wish list, but this is my next major photo purchase. ($530)

Batman Beyond Batman Beyond Motorcycle Jacket. Enough said. (~$600)

Razer Blade One day… ($1800)