How I made Akshay & Linda’s bike racks

I will first say, I shamelessly stole this from someone else, I thought I could build it myself and it would be more meaningful.

I will also definitely say now that I would 100% buy it if I were to do it again, the cost is very reasonable considering how much work it actually required to get it to this level of finish.

Here’s the render of what I want to make:

I blew up the template, cut it up into 8.5x11 sheets, printed out the template on my regular printer, taped it all together, cut it out, stuck it to the wood and used a jig saw to cut it out, with a bit of a buffer for fine tuning later:
2015-05-30 18.32.33

Refining the shape:
2015-05-30 18.41.15-1

“Final” shape:
2015-05-30 20.14.26-1

I didn’t take many pictures, but basically I found where the dowels will be for the attachment, and used that spot to screw the final shape to another sheet of plywood, and used a flush trim bit to trim out in two passes each additional side (3 more, for 4 sides in total)

I screwed the four together and then used the backside of all four screwed together as a curve guide to glue two pieces of luan together to make the “racetrack” in the middle and get most of the curve pre-made before assembling it.

2015-08-14 13.06.18-1

They kept most of the curve:
2015-08-14 17.52.18

So many half circles:
2015-09-18 12.03.22

Double checking the final assembly layout where the feet will be:
2015-09-18 12.57.46

Definitely safe drilling with a big forstner bit for the dowels:
2015-09-19 15.15.45

Dry test fit:
2015-09-19 18.05.20

Dry fit looks good:
2015-09-19 20.00.20

Cut out the rabbets for the “racetrack”
2015-09-20 15.20.55

Used a 4x8 sheet of 1/2″ ply I had for something else and drilled holes for the dowels, that helped to get the placement exactly right while sideways, put on a half circle, glued, put on the next, so on until it was fully assembled:
2015-09-25 10.31.08

Spent a lot of time fine shaping and sanding everything flat and smooth, stained the racetrack and used glue + pneumatic nail gun to install the racetracks:
2015-12-11 15.36.06

Used a sanding pad and cut out the pieces for the feet, the grip it provides is EXCELLENT, on carpet, floor, anything, and it’s non-marking, which is awesome.
2016-01-08 14.47.24

Used masking tape and super 77 spray adhesive to stick it on.
2016-01-08 08.31.57

And the glamour shots:


Cover Photo