Long story short, I read this guy’s story on the interwebs, and I was touched, motivated, and concerned all at once. He has acute leukemia and needs help. I’m already registered with another bone marrow donation group, but I just finished registering for Be The Match as well, in any case this one seems more legitimate than the one I went to.
“Modern bone marrow donations are done with a process similar to blood donation. It’s painless, but boring.”

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In case anyone’s wondering what stage he is, etc. he’s just finished his chemotherapy and had a NEGATIVE bone marrow biopsy! (Remember folks, in medicine negative is good). He’s having another one soon to determine if the cancer really is gone or if their biopsy was false, and if it comes out negative again he’ll be able to proceed.

Essentially, the clock on Amit’s life is running out. Those of you that know me, know this is an issue close to my heart; so help me help Amit and register to be to a bone marrow donor.