Talk about yummy! I first saw this thing on, so I give them all the credit for inventing this masterpiece. Right from the start I was inspired to make my own delicious meat log. So, I bought a bunch of bacon, a bunch of spicy italian sausage, and fortunately I have all teh seasoning because I’m something of a foodie.

Now, on to my attempt!

Gotta put the wood chips in a giant bowl of water.

Start soaking the hickory for smoking

While it’s soaking, I get started on my bacon weave blanket of succulence.

Bacon blanket….mmmmm

Then we give the blanket a good rub down with some barbecue seasoning (I added chili pepper to the mix, I’m Indian and I can’t help it). I was not sparing here. In the background you can see some sizzling bacon, we’ll get back to that:

Component breakdown?

Here’s a nice shot of all the parts. Bottom left, we see the italian sausage flattened into a nice square on tinfoil. On top of the sausage I drizzled some BBQ sauce and worked it in to the top layer. The bacon weave with the dry rub is next to it. We see some more sizzling bacon, as well as a plate with some already cooked bacon, letting it cool so I can dice it up.

Now we put it all together! First layer is the bacon weave, seasoning side up. On top the bacon weave, we put the sausage square with BBQ sauce worked in to the top 1/4″. On top of that we have stir fried bacon, drizzled with more dry rub and lots of BBQ sauce. It looks good enough to eat already :drool:

Ready to roll!

Ready to smoke!


Jeopardy music plays in the background

I can still smell it looking at this picture


It didn’t last more than a couple hours.

But wait . . . there’s MORE!

That’s right. There’s a sequel! I’ve made this on request a few times since, and I’ve EXPERIMENTED! I have successfully completed one TWICE as long and using chicken, cheese, and lots of peppers and onions instead (it’s healthier….but only by about 1-2%). It also came out delicious. More details soon!