To be honest, I kind of wish I never called this a steampunk monitor, because people have certain expectations of steampunk. It’s a provocative buzz word, and I’m guilty of trying to appear in search results. Really, this is more of an “industrial grunge” or an “End of Days” monitor [Editor note: I originally titled all my posts Steampunk Monitor but have since changed them, and the accompanying URLs]. Anywho, onwards!

Here’s the frame all painted. I used wrinkle black to get a rough texture, and it came out quite nicely.

Continue reading for the rest of the build, and the finished glamour shots

I used a plug cutter to drill the holes, they made a nearly perfect sized opening for the 1/2″ copper pipe, I used some sand paper wrapped around a ratchet handle to smooth it a bit and get the sizing perfect.

These holes had a zero tolerance sizing, I had to hammer them in like pressure fittings. Mmmmm how I love well measured work.

From the back side I used JB weld epoxy, and plugged the back holes. Some added stiffness for the protruding heavy piping.

I screwed down the base, only two screws from the outside (each). Since I’m not actually using it for piping, I think the two screws should be enough.

Frame + Base. Starting to come together!

Getting ready with some flexible piping. Excited to add some more copper!

Right about now it looks ready to brace some sprouting plants. That’ll change.

Bent around! I twisted the backs together to hold them into place while I skewered the inserted ends.

And that’s it for the accessories! Time to put the screen in and started preparing for the final build.

[exif id=”1962″]
Real quick test with everything to make sure I didn’t break anything in my “adventures.” All good!

Mounted the back to the frame, and voila!

Glamour shots

Boy she shines

Soooo…anyone want it?

Seriously though. I’m selling it.This monitor has already been claimed. I built it for the sole purpose of selling it when I finished. Contact me if you’re interested. I’m not charging a lot, I’m asking $175+S/H (or local pickup). The monitor itself is a 17″ 16×10, 1920×1200 gorgeous ultra fine pixel pitch.