Happy birthday dan!

Here’s a picture of our present to our great friend, Dan Bennett. We drove it down to Texas, mostly because shipping for such an irregular, fragile item is very costly, but also because he promised to feed us while we were there. We all love Penny Arcade, very much, so here’s a shout out to those guys. The story behind their comic is probably somewhat similar to our story, but the short version, and that’s all you get to hear in the internets, is we were enjoying eachother’s company after a good, long game of D&D and much consumption of the alcoholic nature, we decided to play again. Let’s just say the party incurred the wrath of the boobie dragon, and it was not pretty. They were lactated on so hard we decided to erase the events of the game and start from where we left off, before the alcohol got involved.

Click for larger image

Happy birthday Dan, we all hope you like it!.

By the time you see this post, we should be thoroughly hungover from drinking in a random casino by new orleans.