I’ve never shot HDR before. I KNOW RIGHT?! Knowing my loud, highly contrasting, and vibrant personality it seems HDR is my style, but truth be told photogoraphy wise I’m a big fan of nature stuff. I probably get that from my uncle. He’s my touchstone. His website is http://www.williamneill.com/ and you should DEFINITELY look at his stuff if you like any kind of photography, and especially if you like nature photography. He recently posted an HDR picture (that absolutely shatters mine in terms of quality, composition, and everything ever possible) on his photoblog, and I thought I’d give HDR a try. Since I decided all this at around 6PM, and the sun sets on the east coast in the winter right after I get out of work I had to go indoors. This is my dining room and living room, I like the effect a lot, but I actually prefer the original more.

I played around with some of the settings, primarily the gamma. It’s definitely unique, and hard to recreate elsewhere. I did also use photoshop’s HDR conversion, which I’m sure I’d get condemned for. A lot of reading on the topic says Photoshop’s filter just does not compare to others but I did not want to spend money on something when I did not fully understand it. Maybe I’ll give it a go again and try other shots, get a little better at choosing the area and composition and playing with levels, then I’ll give buying a dedicated software component another thought.