My friend Joe likes to mash his name into things. Like when I pick him up and don’t let him leave, he calls it Joe-Napping.

small size composite of the original image
He also likes quoting Conan the Barbarian (sometimes appropriately…sometimes not).

Therefore, for Christmas I made this beautiful image for him. He was ecstatic!! In the photo he looks super grumpy about it, but I assure you he loved it. He’s just trying to make the same stoic face as he appears in the image. Though, nothing can match that majesty. Just look at how glossy those pecs are.

the whole process took me a little while, and it’s not completely perfect, but I’m extremely happy. When sorting my images in Picasa, the Google Algorithm that does face matching guessed that this picture as well as the original Conan the Barbarian source photo I used both appeared under Joe’s name, so I consider myself successful in this endeavor 🙂