We shared our gifts early, and now I can share mine to Robin with you early 🙂
For her Christmas present I took a page out of my buddy’s book and made her a brand. Business cards, personal web-portfolio-resume-thing, customized laptop, and a very special Robin at robinkurachik dot com email address. Here’s the business cards:


Way more pictures after the link, including a customized laptop


and I got her a snazzy box to hold all these business cards she just got.

Here’s the website:

There’s a mobile version too, it’s pretty much the same website but 1/10th the code and no navigation or slider.

Here’s the laptop I bought and then set up just for her 🙂

and got a special neoprene red and black sleeve from Rosewill to match it all! I’m very happy with this whole project Robin-Christmas thing.

It’s the attention to detail that she likes about me (sometimes) 🙂

and I used the other side of her business card (with some changes ;))for the wallpaper. I also took some time to customize a widget using rainmeter and one of the skin packs to match the desktop. The big clock on the right is in fact an actual clock.