I got a Nikon D3000, but most of my friends know this. I just got a telephoto lens in the mail and snapped a whole bunch of pictures. These are the results from the some-odd 150 pictures I snapped while at work (and then some at home)

I suck at photography. Please feel free to critique me below.

Jeremy grabbed the camera and snapped a pic of me

Henry working in the conference room
Jeremy’s VW R32, experimenting with the polarized filter
Matt’s eye, I can really count his lashes and see his contact! Love this camera!!
Kronos equipment, can’t tell you what we’re doing with it.
This is one of my favorite pics of the day
I chose to focus on the moss (I took a few focusing on the flower too, but didn’t like it as much)
My backyard, pergola post and swing
another angle
An archway in my backyard framed by shooting through a tree canopy
and I hopped into my garage to get a picture of my bike. Spikes!
And this is my most favorite pic of the day

Still working on focusing and what not. Please leave critiques and comments 🙂