Debarghya Das, A computer hacker in India, uncovers a huge discrepancy in the Indian High School Assessment Exams by analyzing data the same way I do.

Basically, he hacked into the database with the original intention of writing to them and offering them his services on how to fix the security holes. After obtaining the data however, he couldn’t help himself in running some statistical analysis.

It all started with simply plotting a frequency histogram, sometimes called probability distribution chart, what most people call the elusive “Bell Curve.”
This is what all the subjects overlayed look like:
all-distribution Note: Those peaks and valleys should be a smooth “bell” shape, not jagged spikes as they appear here.

It’s my job to look into unwanted, suspicious, and badly performing data. If this isn’t odd, I don’t know what is. Debarghya suggests this is evidence of tampering with the results. I assume nothing, but I can’t help feeling he may unfortunately be correct. What I know for certain is however illegal this is, it definitely merits some sort of commendation, and most certainly a follow up and response.

Corruption in India is not news, but potential corruption of this grandeur should really warrant some investigaton.

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