Mmmmmmm, more heart attacks. Who can say no? See my first sausage log here, it inspired this one. I decided that because I’m an American I have a constitutional right to make anything someone else made bigger, better, and in this case cut in half because it was snowing and I didn’t want to grill outside.

I precooked strips of chicken using lemon juice, pepper, and some cilantro and old bay seasoning (my goodness, I love old bay seasoning). I’m posting this now, but I actually did this about a year ago so my memory is a little fuzzy on the details. I think if I were to do it again, I’d precook the chicken only slightly. Perhaps boil it for a bit just to get things started and then do all my seasoning and let it fully cook in the sausage. I was too afraid of getting salmonella so I played it safe and precooked it fully.

I then sauteed lightly some onion with garlic, and peppers with butter (actually, the lovely Robin did this part).

I did create another bacon weave but this one was far bigger. I weaved them in such a way that there was a two strip overlap and used a tiny spread of molasses to get things to stick. Essentially I took two bacon strips and adhered them to eachother with about 2″ of each end, resulting in a bacon strip that instead of crossing 5 weaves would cross 8 weaves.

Unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures this time as I did the last time (I guess I never expected to post it online when I made it), but I do have some pictures for you.

All spread open ready for rolling! Skip the initial steps. This is the monstrous thing all ready to be assembled.

I actually didn’t cook it the same day I made it, so I rolled it up and wrapped it in some aluminum foil for freezing. here’s what it looked like AFTER coming out of the freezer (when I was freezing it I actually turned it every hour so i didn’t freeze flat)
Ready for cooking! Sadly it had to be cut to fit in my toaster oven. I was too tired/lazy to trek out into the snow to smoke it properly.

Ready for cooking! View from the other side

Toss it in the toaster oven, I forget how long but I think it was around 20 minutes at 400, 10 minutes at 300, and 10 minutes at 200. It was something goofy like that.
MMMMMMMMMM!!! Man it was delicious! Very fulfilling meal, and very, VERY heavy.