I suck at blogging.

here’s a picture from my brand new DSLR. This is what I’ve been busy playing with, that and working the Taiwanese-time-zone shift at work, so we can work with some guys I can’t tell you about under NDA.
Hit more for the full size.

The second level of my desk. Those are Torx (T10 and T15 if anyone is wondering) and a large amount of dust caked on top of my Samsung 245BW.

I took the picture this morning. I have a few random projects I’m working on, I’ll post more details when I can. All I can say is what involves a lot of typography/text and a movie quote, another involves a new website I’m working on for a friend, and finally I’m working on some photo stuff. Not actual photos, although I can see how you thought so. I’m gonna mod my camera, including building my own ring flash (something I’ve been wanting to do for years!)