I did it. For the countless e-mails I’ve received, for my love of big projects, for Star Wars, and for myself. I remade the star wars mosaic. Admittedly, I did not spend as much time creating it as I did the first time. Whether it’s because I’m better at it than I was, whether I was just lazier and didn’t take as much care, who knows. I have created a few print size downloads, one is 300 dpi , one is 600dpi, and one is 900 dpi. Continue reading for the download links and more screenshots.

Here’s a link for the featured image
The original was about 69k images. Due to the newer movies used and the slightly modified aspect ratio, the new version used exactly 70448 images. I hope you like it!

These are full size crop (from the 900 dpi version) of Luke’s and Obi’s faces. Each one is about 4 megabytes, so be patient if you click the expanded versions. Apologies to mobile users, this post isn’t very mobile friendly

Download a very high res jpeg (72dpi)

(5184×2338 pixels, 10.4MB) I recommend Right Click and Save As.

HOLY CRAP A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THIS. Please hold momentarily, I’m mirroring all the files as fast as humanly possible. I apologize for the downtime, but the 300dpi, 600dpi, and 900dpi versions will be up fast as Han does the Kessel Run. Again, I’m terribly sorry for the temporary downtime. Thanks Jesus Diaz for once again crashing my website hahahahaha. I really do love Gizmodo :p. I’m uploading the files to media fire, and setting up a torrent. The torrent is preferable, but mediafire should work as well.

Media fire mirror downloads coming soon (Hopefully less than a day)

The mediafire links are dead for whatever mediafire reason, and the torrent doesn’t seem to have a ton of seeders. I’m uploading everything to my public dropbox, hopefully I don’t cap my download limits now that this post is a little older. Dropbox link is below.

In case anyone is wondering, the original was 1200 dpi. If lots of people request I can re run the algorithm and do it, but it’ll take a damn long time. It’s also not really necessary unless you plan on printing this at absolute full size from a professional printer (which will probably cost quite a pretty penny). The original is also on my website here, and was featured on GIZMODO, as well as several other sites.

Edit: As promised, here’s the mirror for the HTTP Downloads. I STRONGLY recommend the torrent, it’s got a healthy fill of seeders and it will download FAR faster dropbox download.

Download low quality print tiff (300dpi)

(21600×9743 pixels, 602MB) Definitely Right Click and Save As for this, as your browser may try to open the tiff on the fly. I’m not responsible for crashing web browsers or computers.

600dpi version is 43200×19485 pixels

The full size is in .7z format, and I recommend 7-zip from 7-zip.org to decompress it.

As a special treat from the requests people made, I issued out a 900dpi version. Unfortuantely, tiffs are not able to operate over 4GB, or so Photoshop claims. It’s a PSB, so I apologize if you can’t use it, but a printer should be able to. The full size of this one is 64798×29227 pixels.

Both the 600 and 900 dpi version are in this 7-zip file:

Download 72dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi, and 900dpi versions here.

It includes the 72 and 300dpi versions with in it. Why 7zip instead of the more common rar or zip formats? Because uncompressed it’s 7.94 GB, and 7zip compression is able to condense it down to 1.3 GB! That’s crazy! ūüôā

My new mosaic got featured on Gizmodo too! I’ve clearly found my ticket to e-fame ūüôā