Gosh I love star wars.
In honor of SWTOR early launch tomorrow, I whipped this up. If you want to print out a copy to gift/hang or whatever as a lot of people seem to want, I made a full 300 dpi pdf

There’s a black border above and below, when printing I would trim it (Kinkos has great cutters for anyone to use, free of charge). Also, Kinkos will print a pretty decent quality heavy gloss (try to get 10pt) relatively cheap. If you want to print it bigger, let me know in the comments. If enough people are interested I’ll redo it from the vector backing for a 24×36″ poster size or something. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING STAR WARS COPYRIGHT RELATED. I WILL NOT CHARGE ANYTHING FOR THIS. I am also not accepting donations for this piece. If you have lots of gratitude, please leave a comment and show me some love, or email me at avi at avinasharora dot com, or use my contact form, or whatever.



Mirror 2

If you liked this, remember I’m that dude that made the star wars last supper into a mosaic using only star wars stills. Viewable here.