Here’s how we made our wedding invitations almost completely from scratch

The enclosures, fresh from the laser cutter:
2016-07-09 14.23.25

Screen Printed the larger invitation enclosure, we put some stars and a moon on it:



Not pictured, the pain staking process of creating the vector, and using the CNC cutter to cut out all of the benches.

We glued them into the invitations to use as a strap / pocket for the inserts:
2016-07-09 15.51.45

Here’s all of the components:


And here’s our inserts:

We made the wax stamps for our invitations separately, and then used a removable glue dot to put them on, so people wouldn’t have to tear the invitation open:

So. Many. Invitations. #firstworldproblems

Here’s what the invitations look like fully assembled, and ready to be stuffed:

All stuffed!

And the envelopes were sealed with another wax seal (this time sealed directly onto the envelope, ripping required):